Light is changing everything. The perfect combination and right lumen enhances the beauty of the living space. It makes all the difference. It influences the emotion, the atmosphere perception and personal mood to a great extend. Lighting is crucial for a magnificent design. Therefore we at SEA focus in all our design approach on this aspect to create an atmosphere of well-feeling and comfort.

Design elements

SEA design elements are always an eye-catcher in the kitchen. Smartness combined with the latest technology and design makes each SEA kitchen unique. On the way to work or exploring a new culture – our Team is constantly looking out for innovative products and new ideas influenced from all aspects of life. Rethinking of what is possible is what we believe in.




A functional and aesthetic design is not complete without the interior life. Cutlery inserts provide orderliness and easy access. Drawers and pull-outs can be designed to meet individual requirements. Optimized arrangement and easy accessibility maximizes comfort and storage space in the kitchen. SEA's comprehensive range of inserts and interior accessories offers individual planning of the inner life of the kitchen. Our dedicated design team will consult and assist to find the suitable place for all your kitchen utensils.