Materials and Colours

Over 300 state-of-the-art materials and colours

SEA combines and customises the best materials and colours. A selection of over 300 hand-picked materials and colours allows space for creativity and offers limitless design freedom. Each Material is getting processed on state-of-the-art machineries and accomplished with a final touch of hand craftsmanship to achieve perfection.
Our dedicated designers are travelling the world in constant search for new technologies and materials, colour trends and observing different styles of cooking and usage of kitchens. This approach allows for a selection of materials which meet specific market requirements to suits the needs of each individual customer around the globe without compromising on specific preferences and customs. A SEA kitchen is like a journey and mirrors the diversity of the world. 

Crystal Collection

SEA Group Germany adds brilliance to the kitchen introducing the Crystal Collection.A fine selection of 14 unique crystal glass colours, with exclusive diamond cut edge finishing available in both vivid gloss and velvet matt feel, allowing for infinite design options.

The stunning new product range combines the ultimate toughness of glass with luxurious brilliance.

White high gloss

White grey high gloss

Magnolia high gloss

Cappuccino high gloss

Champagne high gloss

Grey high gloss

Earth high gloss

Black high gloss

Satin white

Satin magnolia

Satin kashmir

Satin grey

Satin grain brown

Stein Collection

With the Stein collection SEA Group Germany is introducing a stunning new product that delivers a truly unique and eye catching kitchen, combining bespoke luxury design with ultimate durability.

The Stein collection incorporates 8 bespoke luxury ceramic shutter finishes with exclusive diamond cut edge finishing for perfect look and feel. The Stein collection is durable and resistant for all conditions to last a lifetime.

A bold statement of modern design, luxury and style that resists time.

oxide avario

savoia perla

savoia girgia

savoia anthracite

oxide moro

oxide nero

filo ghisa


basalt beige

Premium range



Structured laminate

High gloss lacquer

Matt lacquer


Structured matt lacquer


High gloss pet foil

Solid wood framed

Lacquered laminate

Metal finish